May 20, 2018

Brief History of San Fransisco

Brief History of San Fransisco

San Fransisco is among one of the most decorated city in the United States. It is also the gemstone of Northern California. San Fransisco has many natural beautiful scenarios and entertainment joints. Its the ideal destination for a tourist. Some of these scenarios include: Alcatraz island,fisherman’s wharf,golden gate bridge among many others. This are some of the famous San Fransisco tourist destination.

Golden Gate Bridge.

This is a magnificent structure in San Francisco opened in 1937.It was considered to be the longest suspended bridge at the time of its completion. The golden gate bridge links San Fransisco with Marin county and many more districts far in the North. At one point,the golden gate was considered to be the most fascinating man made sight by the United States travel. The golden bridge is also the most photographed structure in San Fransisco. Every year tourists flood San Fransisco just to have a glimpse of the golden gate bridge.

Alcatraz Island

One of the most infamous American prison was located in this island before it was closed in 1963. Ten years later,it was opened as a historic site. The mode of transport to the island is by a ferry where one can have a beautiful view of the ocean tide as they rise and fall and simply enjoy the beautiful breeze of the ocean. The islands reputation is that of nesting seabirds. This Island is ever frequented and therefore an advance booking is always advised.

Fisherman’s wharf

This is one of San Fransisco most frequented tourist destination.

Its known for its marvellous setting along the water front,beautiful restaurants and shops. From fisherman’s wharf,one can take fishing expedition or even a cruise so as to go and view the various beautiful sites. The main charisma in the area are: Madame Tussauds wax museum and Ghirardelli square. Its offers a wonderful view facing back to the city.

Cable Cars

Cable cars were introduced in the late 1800’s to facilitate the movement of locals about the city since it was built in a hilly terrain. In recent times,the few remaining cable cars offer the tourist a great experience in exploring the city’s beauty in a historic fashion. They are the only public commuting vehicles to be declared a historic monument. This cable cars also serve as a means of transportation to get you to various scenary such as the fisherman’s wharf.

Golden Gate Park.

Located in the middle of San Fransisco. Its key identification is its green space. Its full of beautiful gardens and museums. It homes more than 5000 different variety of plants. Some individual refer to it as the lung of the city due to its nature.The golden park also homes a Buffalo paddock.

China Town

Major cities in the Unites States have China towns but San Francisco’s China town is the next big thing. Its the largest and oldest China town outside Asia. Its full of workshops,theaters,temples etc. China town has gradually but steadily grown into a major site in San Fransisco. Grant avenue,in China town, is considered to be the major street for tourists.

Legion Of Honor

Legion Of Honor is San Francisco’s most graceful museum. The Legion Of Honor was a gift of the humanitarian Alma de Breteville Spreckels. The museum has a wide variety of collection such as paintings,sculptures etc. The museum is located in Lincoln park which has a golf course.

California Academy of Sciences

California academy of science,located in golden gate park, is an architectural wonder. It comprise of 2.5 acre living roof composed of native plants. The roof is also fitted with solar panels for electricity production and the soil acts as the natural insulator. Natural light is allowed in since the walls are majorly made of glass. The Steinhart aquarium has over 38,000 living specimen.

de young fine art museum of San Fransisco.

Its one of the largest public arts institution. The arts in the museum cover different time zones and frames and different geographical locations.

Not to mention, there is a thriving educational system in SF.

San Fransisco museum of modern art

The museum features a variety of of range in their exhibitions. Its an exciting destination for tourists.

Twin Peaks

This peaks over am over view of the San Fransisco city. Tourists visit this city to admire the view of San Fransisco from a higher ground. They are one of the few hills that have no construction over them and have so far retained their original state.

Palace of Fine Arts

Located in San Fransisco, it is the last remaining building from the 1915 Panama Exposition. Its a host to a variety of arts and performances.

Golden Gate National Recreational Area

Its filled with beaches that have a beautiful view to the golden gate bridge. The tourists also get to enjoy the warm sand of the beach. Tourists engage in various activities such as beach football and so on.

Ghirardelli Square

Surrounded by various shops and hotels in a renovated industrial area. Its a center for tourist who are in love with art. This tourist can acquire whatever art they require in the Ghirardelli square and its also full of entertainment joints.

AT&T park

This is a historic place in San Fransisco where base ball games take place. Tourists may take a back stage tour so as to be well conversant with the heritage of the park and the historic moments that have taken place in the same park.


This is a fabulous famous science museum. It consists of exhibits both for children and adults all of which their main is to impart knowledge and at some extent provide entertainment.

High tea at a Historic Hotel

Enjoy tea at a historic hotel grants the tourist a glimpse of the magnificence of San Fransisco. The palace hotel in San Fransisco surprises tourists with its wonderful garden court reception area where a special afternoon tea is served for the tourists as the have a glimpse of the sun as it sets and its orange rays shine on the golden gate bridge giving it a golden reflecting appearances. This site awes the tourists.

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