May 20, 2018

Asian history of San Francisco

Asian history of San Francisco

There are many things to say about San Francisco,
but one feature is crucial, this city is first of all unique. One of the most
popular US cities. San Francisco looks like a part of Europe and the life there
is completely different than anyway else .

Reach with impressive architecture, wonderful
weather throughout the year and friendly and open atmosphere a reason for over
120 000 tourists a year.

Located on the shores of Pacific Ocean, in the
northern part of the state of California. Position at the place between the
ocean and bay is the reason for an excellent micro-climate, which generally
gives temperature between 20 and 28 degrees years-round. With just over 800 000
inhabitants in only 121km2 San
Francisco is the most densely populated city in the US after New York.

Founded in 1776, this wonderful city experienced a
boom after Golden Frozen in a 1849, after which for a long time it was the
largest city on the West coast. The next important moment in the history is the
earthquake that shook and destroyed three quarters of the city in 1906 but San
Francisco was quickly raised to the feet.

Through his history San Francisco was always
attracted innovators, artist and visionaries and has been the site of many
historical movements of which very recent is the technological revolution,
which has led to the explosion of IT innovation and the emergence of Silicon
Valley, the headquarters of many modern technology companies.

The colorful history is visible in the city itself,
which has diverse architecture, a vast array of attractions and historical
sight, as well as very open an acceptable culture, which has led San Francisco
to be considered as one of the most liberal cities in the world.

In early 1870, Asia has been concealing 8% of
population. By 1890, the number of habitants increased to 300 000, so it has
become eighth city in the United States and in 1901 it become larger. Become
recognized for its specificstyle,
impressive hotels and successful scenic artistic scene. The first North
American plague struck the habitants in 1901 and lasted to 1904.

Max from Big Hero 6

The movie Big Hero 6 was inspired by San Francisco Asian culture!

China Quarter

The famous China Quarter is in San Francisco, the
larger quart reserved for Chinese people. Generally there are large number of
Asian people who become the fastest sea route from America to Asia through the
Pacific have come to that city. Globally, In this colorful part of the city
there is the large number of Chinese shops, Chinese restaurants and religious
buildings that have Chinese letters.amous

Since 1970 stated the historical arrival of many
ethical chines and parade of Chinese New Year become one of thefamous events outside of China

Walking in the streets of Chinatown you have the
feeling that you are in China, not in the United States.

Because it originally preserved Chinese culture and
lifestyle in it. Today it is interesting that in Chinatown there are Chinese
familiars who did not assimilate to the American way of life, where children do
not speak English, although they do not live in their own country for a decade.

Japan town

Although less familiar then Chinatown, it is hidden
a small village in which you feel that you are in Japan. This part of a city is
much cleaner than the part where the Chinese population lives. Consist on two
hotels and many Japanese shops in which you can find authentic traditional
Japanese items. In addition traditional Japanese restaurants are known here for
offering only dishes from this remote country.

Believes or not, the Peace Agreement with Japan is
signed by Japanese representatives on 1951 in San Francisco. Which this
agreement formally ended the Second World War or Pacific War. The agreement was
signed six year after Japanese capitulation .

Union Square

The most famous square, in the vicinity of which are
in the best shopping venues, lot of restaurants and hotel and a big percent of
presence Asian people.

During Christmas and New Year, in the central park
of this square there is always a large fit free and beside it there is a huge
ice rink that at all times has a lot amateur sliders. All casual international
tourists come to this place, because photographing at Union square is something
that is unavoidable when they visits San Francisco. Right next to the market is
one of the most famous US department stores” Macis” on six floors, so your tour
will certainly will take away all day, so consider whether you will enter into
it or continue the journey of the city.

Asian cuisine is highly presented. You can find
Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indian food, but there is also Meditation, Italia, and
Venezuelan, Spanish and Ethiopian food. Many stores about food provide you
tofind every taste from planet

Other monuments and events

Important landmark is one of the famous in the world
bridges the Golden gate that leads across the entrance to the bay.You can see many skyscrapers in the city of
which the famous is the Transamerica Pyramid a pyramid-shaped skyscraper.
Secondly, there is a television antenna tower Sutro tower. Generally the city
has many cultural sights of which the Opera building stands out. At the sea
near the city is the Island of Alcatraz with the well-known American prison
which today become touristic

History is parallel to the history of Johan August
Sutter, who was at least twice the reaches man in the region, in order to
eventually die on the stairs of the court, as poor, and this belonged to a
whole city, all the gold that is there and everything that is there and
everything that is build, believes or not it is his land.

Useful information is that the period between
September and October is ideal for visiting because it is at very least
crowded. If you decide to start your trip in November, the event that you
shouldn’t miss is the San Francisco’s international Automobile show that it is
organized every year. All the mayor world car manufactures go to this fair
during which over 800 cars are presented.

Main fact, generally it
is well known as liberal city and it is a birthplace of many social movements.

Berkley University an
integral part of the city was the free movement of speech in 60s.

In addition it can
boast of being city with the world’s largest concentration of gay population.
Second important fact is that it is recognized for movement against the war in
Vietnam and after it become a soft hippy.

Big recommendation for
a perfect holiday.

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