May 20, 2018

Things to do in San Francisco

Things to do in San Francisco

San Francisco Attractions

Just mention the name San Francisco anywhere in the world and
people will tell you, “iI’s the city from
the movies with the famous bridge”. It is no surprise because the Golden
Gate Bridge is widely regarded as the most photographed bridge in the world.
This and other famous landmarks have made San Francisco one of the most
recognized cities in the world. It is regarded as one of the American cities
that must be visited by any foreign tourist and it is also amongst the top 20
Cities worldwide as a preferred tourist destination. Statistics show that 2016,
25 million visitors came to San Francisco. The city have a first class hotel
and convention industry which contributes to tourism in the city.

This Californian city is
known for its nice summers, the hills around it, the very fine examples of
architecture and its landmarks that have been featured in many a movie. The
city is relatively small in geographical terms with a size of about 50 square
miles. It allows for doing and seeing a lot of things in a short space of time

but don’t underestimate the number of things the city have to offer.

Cross the Golden Gate Bridge.

The first thing on the
list would be a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge where you must have your photo
taken. This Bridge with its span of about 1.7 mile long span would impress you
.You can drive on it in of the about 120 000 vehicles that use it every day.
You can also cross if by riding a bicycle or for the utmost thrill cross it on
foot via the walkway for pedestrians.

Ride the streets

To really experience the
city and it’s, spectacular scenery a ride on the famous cable cars is a must.
You will be doing what people have been doing since the 19th
century, let the ringing of thefamous
bells announce that you are on your way and the ride will thrill you.

Go to prison

No visit to San Francisco

can be complete with a visit to the famous prison of Alcatraz, you will be
doing what no inmate ever achieved, to escape from Alcatraz. The prison is on
an island in the middle part of the Bay area. The prison used to be a
lighthouse before it became a prison with maximum security to house famous cons
like Al Capone and George Kelly nicknamed “Machine Gun” and the “Birdman”
Robert Stroud. On the island you will hear stories about attempted escapes,
riots and prison life. The night tour by ferry promises to make you shiver with
anxiety in the fog. Fortunately it is just for tourists today and you will be
able to leave.

Go to the Harbour and meet the Sea Lions

Fisherman’s wharf is one area which no
visitor would like to miss with its attractions ranging from maritime museum,
submarine and community of sea lions that resides in the area. There are a
variety of attractions but no visitor must leave without buying a meal from the
vendor stalls or restaurants .Their seafood will bowl you over. Eat while you
watch the fishermen who use the harbour.

Visit the “Painted Ladies” in Alamo Square

San Francisco have hundreds houses dating from
the Victorian and Edwardian era painted in various colors to show off their
architecture. These houses are called the “Painted Ladies” There is however the
houses in 710-720 Steiner street that must be visited. Take your photograph to
show people that you were indeed there, they estimate that the houses of
“Postcard Row” starred in almost 70 movies,numerous advertisements and
television shows.

Enter China Town from the Dragon Gate

The San Francisco China town is regarded as the
oldest settlement of Chines immigrants in the world and can also be described
as the largest. This area must be visited to see the historic buildings, small
parks and to find bargains and tasty food in the shops and restaurants. The
place is full of history, mystery and you can easily imagine that you are in
China.To have the greatest experience enter at the Dragon Gate.

Ensure dining is on the menu

One thing not to miss in San Francisco is their
good food which will take you on a continental tour of various countries and
their dishes. The chefs of San Francisco have turned their city into what is
widely regarded as one of the the top restaurant cities in America. There is a
wide variety that you can choose from ,the Asian flavours and taste of Japan,
China,India,Malysia or the European flavours and taste Spain,Greek,Italy,Russia
or the flavour and taste of Morocco. Or even beter a fusion of these tastes
created by the genial chefs and restaurateurs.

Dance the night away

Enjoy the vibrant nightlife that constantly
changes with the rhythms of Jazz, Swing, Blues, Latin or the latest rock in
your ears. Don’t miss the rhythm, keep on dancing in the wide variety of clubs
all over the city. It will sure keep your feet tapping and your hands clapping.

Get culture in Frisco

The San Francisco attraction not to miss is the
performances of their symphony orchestras playing the classics, or their ballet
companies giving their classical ballet performances. For the theatre lovers
there is numerous renowned playwrights who have their works performed in San
Francisco in the numerous theatres all across the city. There are many museums
including art and science. The one not to be missed is the California Academy
of Sciences, this is the only museum which can boast with a planetarium,
aquarium, natural history museum and a multi- story rainforest all under one

This is just a few of the many San Francisco
attractions that you must visit and do bur there is many more that will keep
you busy. The City cannot be really appreciated for all its beauty and variety
in one visit, so remember if you cross the bridge you must come back for more.

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