May 20, 2018

San Francisco Tourist Sights – Part 1

San Francisco Tourist Sights

San Francisco is one of the most amazing cities in the United States to visit. The town is full of world-class sightseeing attractions with a rich history, great neighborhood, museums, beaches, and parks and a whole host of entertainment options for both tourists and anybody who would call SF home.

Some of the most famous tourist attractions in San Francisco include the Golden Gate Park, the historical Cable Cars, Alcatraz Island, the Golden Gate Bridge and many more amazing features. Whether you’re seeing or visiting these sight for the first-time or the twenty-third, they will never lose their luster. So, I have narrowed down some few famous San Francisco attractions and sights. Let’s have a look:

1. The Golden Gate Bridge

Did you know that the Golden Gate Bridge is among the seven wonders of the modern world? This fantastic bridge, which connects SF with Marin County, marks the international recognition of San Francisco. It took four years to build. It was ones marked as the greatest human-made attraction by U.S Travel Service.

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most photographed sites in the city by lovers, domestic tourists, and every San Francisco’s visitor. Its sidewalk is ideal for pedestrians including cyclists and wheelchair users.

The Fort Point at the foot of this beautiful bridge was built majorly to protect the Bay from naval attacks. Equally, the Fort Point backs the attraction of the Golden Gate Bridge which is an ideal point to view the beautiful bridge. The Fort Point itself is great tourist attraction of its kind.

Across the Golden Gate Bridge, from downtown SF, is Golden Gate National Recreational Area. This place is large and natural. It is a hub to a myriad attraction which gives any tourist a beautiful experience of enjoying nature. It’s also covered with beautiful beach areas, campgrounds, and walking trails. This area has also a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge. This site is a historical home including the former U.S Army post, Fort Baker.

2. The Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park is one of the largest urban parks in the world. Before this area was developed, it was entirely covered with dunes. However, today the park has an advanced network of walking trails and cyclist paths, featured with beautiful museums, lakes, sports centers, and windmills. These features are excellent evidence to every taste of anyone aspiring to visit San Francisco.

The most famous attraction sight in this area is the Japanese Tea Garden which comprises of the beautiful green plants, ponds, and bridges. It also has the famous Japanese-style structures including the historical tea house. The ancient tea house gives tourists a sense of the city’s greatness during the Victorian age. The tea house building was a great art of an architectural prodigy. Its wall is made of glasses to provide natural light. It also has a large Living Roof with solar panels. This great-designed building is covered with stunning plants and rolling hills which make it match with the surrounding environment.


Another fantastic tourist attraction located in the Golden Park is the Califonia Academy of Sciences. This is a must-see destination. Its a great home of the natural history museum, and a world-class research center and education programs.

The Golden Park recreational options include hiking trails, bocce ball courts, and a disk golf course. The nice playground at Koret Children’s Center is also an excellent place for children. If you’re planning to tour visit San Francisco, the Golden Gate Park is worth a starting point area.

3. Alcatraz Island

The Alcatraz is often referred to as The Rock. It was a home of the vast criminals of those times, housing the most famous convicts including George Kelly – the Machine Gun. As a result, it was converted from a lighthouse station to a military prison. Anyone who visits this area can consider a tour of the cell house where you will see places prisoners used to live. Alcatraz Island is operated by the National Service and is open to visitors.

4. Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is also one of the most popular attraction sites in San Francisco, which has a beautiful setting along the waterfront. This historic waterfront is the hub of the SF’s fishing fleet. This area is famous for having packed with the best seafood restaurants which provide tasty foods to tourists.

Some of the famous tourist attractions in the area are Ghirardelli Square and the ‘San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.’ The Ghirardelli Square is surrounded by shops and some of the best restaurants in San Francisco. Its old brick factory has been renovated and turned into a hub for art-lovers, shoppers, and entertainment-lovers. Its decorated with rose gardens with fountains and terraces which gives fine and amazing view to visitors.

5. San Francisco’s Chinatown

Chinatown is a common hub for most of the city across the world. However, San Francisco’s Chinatown is a whole other hub. Its the oldest and one of the largest Chinatown of its kind.

San Francisco’s Chinatown is featured with tourist attractions including theaters, temples, store, unique souvenir shops, small businesses and splendid traditional pharmacies. The main street for tourists in this area is Grand Avenue and Bush Street.

6. AT&T Park

If you are a fan of the baseball game, AT&T Park must top your list of the tourist attractions location to visit in San Francisco. It’s just a short walk from downtown SF and Moscone Center. It’s a great area to learn about the historical moments that took place there. Any visitor will love to explore the architectural work behind this classic ballpark. However, tours in this area are scheduled during the games seasons, so it’s vital to stay updated with your calendar before considering visiting the place.

7. The Cable Car Museum

San Francisco’s Cable Car Museum is located in the Washington Mason House. This museum examines the massive engines and winding wheels that used in the famous trams. It is also featured with mechanical displays and beautiful photographs of that time. Taking a tour with these cars will bring a fun ride experience. The Cables Cars form part of great attractions especially on weekends when you get to stand on its running board.

8. The Asian Art Museum

The Asian Art Museum is one of the greatest museums in San Francisco and entire North America. It’s a home of the complete art collections of Asians in the world. This museum features cultural collections from all over the world including China, India, Turkey, Phillippines and many more. This is evidence that the Asian Art Museum’s primary focus is to spark connection across many cultures. This ignites the tourists’ curiosity to visit the place and indeed, the museum provides a rich art experience to any visitor.

9. The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium is also one of the fantastic science museums in San Francisco that aims to inspire creativity in people of all level and from the different culture. It gives a great experience to tourists exploring everything ranging from social behavior to physical exhibits.

10. The Ferry Building

One important thing you should know about the Ferry Building is that it hosts the city’s largest tri-weekly market for farmers. It also provides a permanent home for most beloved artisan producers in the region. This building is rich in shops, selling everything from artisan chocolates to donuts. Inside this magnificent building, you will find merchants including the Fort Point Beer Company. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you’ll love to see farmers and ranchers selling flowers, veggies, and meats behind the Ferry Building.


When someone thinks of the San Francisco attractions, these are some of the most famous locations that come to the mind. They are fresh and fun places to explore in the city. If you want to add a flavor to your tourist adventure, these places are unavoidable. Enjoy your tour!

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