May 20, 2018

Famous Restaurants in San Francisco

Famous Restaurants in San Francisco

Enjoy scrumptious 3-course meals at the best places in San Francisco!

You must be travelling throughout the whole of San Francisco and cannot make up your mind about what to eat. You have come to the right blog. We will give you information on the most well-known beanies of San Francisco. San Francisco is well-known for its unique food trends. You can try a variety of dishes here. In short, it is a foodie’s paradise. Yes, your mouth may be watering. Let us guide you on where to get the best quality and tasty meals. The most famous cuisines that are unique to this region are abalone, bay shrimp and French bread. Joe’s Special is served by the local restaurants there. Are you ready to go on a journey to explore the eateries which are currently trending in Francisco? So hop on the food train and let’s go! Breakfast

  1. The Outer Land Pancakes serve amazing Dutch pancakes for breakfast, so you have an option to make your breakfast more interesting rather than munching on plain bread. This is a place for a great brunch spot located five blocks away from the beach of Orleans. The Dutch pancake is one of the various of their perfected dishes and they do not have a huge variety but their Dutch pancakes are so delicious that you won’t be craving for variety.
  2. Henry’s Restaurant- The former name of the place was Henry Durant and this place has been popular for the Cal games of Berkeley. You can start your meal here with amazing starters chicken Panatella, chicken chaperones, Calabrian chillies and miso jus, and they serve burgers on Tar tine Buns. They also have a good collection of beer, cocktails and wines to pair with your yummy greasy burgers.
  3. Try burritos from La Taqueria If you want a filling starter then burritos from La Taqueria’s are your best bet. Do not miss the carne asada burrito which is one of their famous burritos.
  4. dosa By DOSA. If you belong to India or you want to try authentic Indian food then this restaurant in Oakland’s Uptown neighborhood, with a list of South Indian favorites, should be your choice. They serve breakfast like dosas which are filled with egg.They also serve a number of creative cocktails along with a variety of Indian flavors and you may consider it to be a fantastic dinner spot for that.
  5. Xiao Long Bao is a Shanghai Dumpling King Are you craving dumplings then visits this restaurant for some amazing soup-filled pork dumplings. Savor the taste slowly as it melts in your mouth. 6. Deep Fried French Toast from Sweet Maple and French toast which is deeply and crisply fried. Sweet Maple is popular for this dish with an abundance of other cuisines and you must be thinking of not missing out an opportunity to visit this place.


  1. Pork Chops from NOPA Nothing can beat a plate of succulent pork chops for the main course. It is the most famous item on NOPA’s menu list But if you don’t fancy pork then their food which comes from local sources and wood-fired creations are to die for.
  2. Tea Leaf Salad which is in Burma Love. If you are in need for some healthy options then visit Tea Leaf Salad. They serve a variety of curries, sea-foods, salads, soups and more. It is a delight for people wanting to try Burmese food and a life saver for weight watchers.
  3. Funky Elephant This restaurant serves authentic Thai cuisine. Famous items on their menu list are pork sausages made in Isaan style, Khao mun Ghai and they seve Bangkok-style pad Thai embedded with prawns. You should definitely try their and their green curry beef is perfectly cooked hangar steak. They also have delivery and takeaway options in case you want to enjoy your food from the comfort of your home.
  4. Dyafa Located in Jack London Square’s this place serves an array of mouthwatering Arabic dishes. There are mezze of perfect versions like fattoush, labneh and kibbeh which serve as perfect constituents for dishes like braised lamb shank cooked in a braised manner served with Arabic rice, garlic yoghurt and almonds. They also serve cocktails and delicious Arabic desserts.
  5. Pizza from Arizmendi Bakery- if you are a person who absolutely cannot do without pizza then Arizmendi should be the best option for you and oh yes, they also serve vegetarian pizzas. They serve fresh pizzas with a crust that shall make you drool over them. Even meat-lovers cannot stop raving about their deliciously cheesy pizzas. They also have a bakery that serves a variety of breads, sweet pastries and other items for breakfast.


  1. Chocolate Bar which is obtained Dandelion Chocolate If dessert is equal to chocolate then this chocolate factory makes really tasty chocolates drawing influence from the Indian sweets. You can tour chocolate factory (imagine Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and buy as much chocolates you want. It’s a chocolate to get intoxicated with chocolate!
  2. Ice cream from Bi-Rite Creamery Are you screaming for yummy ice cream? Head to Bi-Rite Creamery! Do try the salted caramel flavor, the creaminess in most of their flavors make any flavour a good choice by you.
  3. Macaron from Chantal Guillon Small pretty indulgences are named as macarons. They make your tummy happy and also your Instagram pop. Chantal Guillon makes the best quality macarons they have various flavors throughout the year. They also have special seasonal macarons. So you have a huge variety of options to choose from.
  4. Cruffin from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse This place is always crowded because of the amazing and unique cruffin (croissant and muffin). This is a must try when in San Francisco.
  5. Drinks at Interval at Long Now Post dinner if you are craving a drink but also want to enjoy the beauty of San Francisco. Then this bar which is characterized by its uniqueness and its museum, and cafe create an unforgettable bar experience It has a variety of cocktails and have the ability to baffle you about what particular cocktail to choose and it is picturesquely located in Fort Mansion that will remind of a memorable night here in future. Now that you know the most famous restaurants head out for a date, solo or with family or with your friends. You have an array of options to choose for a hearty meal. Bon Appetite!

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