Bringing Flora to the Community

July 16, 2014

Dear San Francisco Community,

After ten years of supporting community gardens, San Francisco Garden Resource Organization (SFGRO) is closing our doors. Over these past years, we have advocated for community gardens, promoted the creation of new gardens, contributed to developing the City’s policies and best practices for community gardens, and supported gardeners.

Since our inception, SFGRO collaborated with The San Francisco Recreation & Park Department’s Community Garden Program to support the community garden network. We are thrilled to announce that Recreation & Parks created a new full time position, Urban Ag Coordinator, to continue this critical work. The Community Gardens Program is now a core component of the new citywide Urban Agriculture Program.

For more information visit or contact the citywide Urban Ag Coordinator at

SFGRO would like to thank the community gardens and coordinators as well as the individuals who have given their time, vision, and funding to our organization. A very special thanks to: Cyane Anaya, Sebastien Bacharach, Amy Boebel, Julia Brashares, Erin Bullock, Shana Cohen, Charlie Curran, Maria D'Angelico, Patricia Delgado, Nancy Dunn, Bill Goedecke, Suzanne Grady, Alma Hecht, Maeve Johnston, Svetlana Karasyova, Kearstin Krehbiel, Jim Kumiega, Susan Leeds, Dan Liew, Jason Mark, Michael McCauley, Jason McVay, Mike Morlin, Fred Muhlheim, Suzi Palladino, Stacey Parker, Pam Peirce, Mary Beth Pudup, Blair Randall, Amanda Rieux, Scott Runcorn, Channing Sargent, Kat Sawyer, Barbara Wenger, Eric Williams, Marvin Yee, Amy Zavora, and to our fiscal sponsor, San Francisco Parks Alliance.

With appreciation,
Andrea Jadwin and Jude Parker Koski
Board of Directors